Astrology Report for September 2017: In the wake of the Black Sun


(Times are read for Eastern Daylight Time (EDT); for Pacific, subtract 3 hrs)

The lights went out, and when they came back on, everything looked a little different...

I know I'm seeing things in a new way, and maybe you are too. The past month brought much clarity, thanks to a potent Solar Eclipse and Mercury retrograde. Now what to do next? 

This month is largely about integrating the changes we know we must make. But how? We will have a better idea in time. 

Mercury and Mars travel closely throughout the month, which is sure to be interesting, and Neptune is a key player, elevating both compassion and confusion. It is said that if you are confused, you are on the right path. This month, we reorient ourselves in a changing world, as the eclipse continues to echo its message throughout the month. 

Friday, September 1st, we are feeling extra productive with the Moon in Capricorn. Ambitious and hardworking, we might be focused on finishing our to-do pile so that we can enjoy a long weekend. Neptune sextiles the Moon, which reminds us that it’s important to let go once in a while. Neptune gives us the vision of what we optimistically look forward to. Listen to music that elevates and transports your consciousness while your body moves through the day.

Moon joins Pluto to dig up something from the depths. Maybe it’s willpower, or maybe it’s old memories, but something wants to come to light. Notice the contrast, see the pattern, take the cue and dance with the shadows. You might make an important discovery if you are open.

Saturday, September 2nd, Mars trines Uranus giving us a major energetic boost. We are ready to receive this rocket power. This creative adrenaline encourages the new direction we are choosing in lieu of the solar eclipse. We can’t ignore the call of our soul any longer and we are feeling especially spunky today. Tell is like it is. Raw, unrefined truth.

Mars and Mercury conjoin on the eclipse degree, giving us some attitude. Take altitude and soar courageously forth. We are ready to take some healthy risks, informed by the passion of our heart and soul. Build something radical, something extraordinary. Don’t be too reckless with your words, but say it straight.

We can expect today to be very eventful in the collective. Not only are Mars and Mercury triggering the eclipse degree, but they are also forming a fated configuration, matching the degree of the United States’ natal Moon (27/28 Aquarius). “We the People….” This configuration carries themes of wounding and healing. The tragic descent of tiki torches upon the city of Charlottesville echoed the literal line drawn across the country by the eclipse path, symbolic of a divided nation. We have much healing to do, but healing is a process

The eclipse occurred on Trump’s rising degree (the ascendant), so with Mars and Mercury there today, we can expect that he will be a loose cannon. Mars/Mercury can be impassioned, angry words. He would be wise to cloister himself for the day. In the sign of regal Leo, might the crown be teetering off one’s head?

The Moon moves from Capricorn to Aquarius at 4:06 pm EDT, remaining progressive, a bit rebellious, and with a concern for the human collective.

Sunday, September 3rd, Mercury and Mars swap places over the eclipse degree. This is a really big deal! The eclipse degree remains sensitive long after the eclipse takes place; when a planet touches this degree, it’s said to “trigger” it.  Let’s see who gets triggered today!

Words are impassioned today, for better or for worse, ranging from heated disputes, inspirational messages from the heart, shouting matches, championed speeches, angry insults, or even physical fighting is possible. Mercury is moving retrograde, so this is probably in response to something that happened previously.

Regardless of what is said, it must be let out. There is a compulsive authenticity in the air, so whatever is expressed cannot deny itself to be known. The Moon opposes Venus, which is an awareness of “my needs,” versus “your needs.” Do we meet the other person halfway? Either make amends or pride will drive the nail in deeper. 

Monday, September 4th,

what are you letting go of? It’s Labor Day, so maybe you are letting go of adulting for the day. But as Mercury retrograde comes to a close, changing direction, we too may be changing our minds about something in or lives. The Aquarius Moon on the south node helps us to unhinge and reorient our vision of the future. Trim the dead branches, so that new growth may later blossom forth.


Tuesday, September 5th: 

Mercury stations direct

at 7:29 am, ending the retrograde period. Still, the Trickster is alive and well on the station days. Give yourself plenty of extra time on your morning commute and don’t overbook yourself. This Mercury retrograde has been brutal with redo’s, so you can expect to do everything twice today, and even tomorrow. Despite the obvious annoyances, the value of Mercury’s message is vital: “Are you sure? Are you forgetting something?”

We are ready to move forward now. What realizations have sunk in over the last 3 weeks? What changes do you know you must make? Now is time to implement them forth. Mercury overwhelms the eclipse degree. Are you feeling overwhelmed? As I’m writing this, I don’t even know what’s happening in the world yet and I certainly do! It seems like a lot of big changes are happening in the world today─ turnovers, turnarounds and turn of events.

Adding to the snafus and confusion, the Sun opposes Neptune

. Neptune blurs lines and makes it challenging to discern the facts. Sensationalism gives people something to grasp onto, but don’t believe everything you hear. When we can’t see clearly or we don’t understand, we turn to our intuition or a higher power. Neptune is the “Great Dissolver,” where all borders become imaginary and thus elevating compassion. We are all one; we are all connected. With Neptune, you can even have compassion for the oppressor.

“Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do…”

Let your heart guide you in this confusing time. We will be working with these fuzzy energies over the next two weeks, as they funnel into tonight’s Full Moon. Art and music are excellent mediums to find meaning with Neptune─ there are no rules, it’s all subjective and meant to evoke a feeling.

Mars enters Virgo, evoking a readiness to get organized. While Mars was in Leo, we got creative and weren’t afraid to splatter paint everywhere; but now, we are ready to tidy up, scrutinize our work and see where we could do better. Weed, analyze and minimize. Mars in Virgo gives us worker bee medicine. We can be insanely productive, with really high standards. Take your time and smooth all the edges through October 22nd.

Full Moon :: 13⁰53’ Pisces :: Wednesday, September 6th, 2017 :: 3:02 am EDT

Have you ever heard the parable of the blind men and the elephant? Each touching a different part of the animal, the men dispute over their varying convictions of what the Elephant must be like. One man touches the trunk and asserts that the elephant must be snakelike, while another touches the side and argues that the elephant is more like a wall. The moral of the story is that while we might not be wrong, we may not be entirely correct either.

The Full Moon tightly conjoins Neptune, illuminating the big Dream. Until a dream comes true, it is a fantastical projection, or a hope, often born of our true heart and soul. The Law of Attraction allows these visions to manifest; under the ripeness of the Full Moon, you may be enjoying the fruits of a dream come true. Today’s Full Moon puts a cap on eclipse season, however, it also answers to the Solar eclipse of March 8th, 2016. What seeds were you planting back then, in regard to your dream, art, or spiritual practice?

As dreams often are, this may be a confusing time in the world. Ambiguity divides our perceptions, and often we see what we want to see. The hard part is recognizing that people are entitled to their beliefs, as they have had a different experience. There is a lot of ignorance and unjustifiable hate in the world. Like the courageous black man who befriended several KKK members, sometimes you have to meet people on their level to get through. Neptune and Pisces rule saints, sacrifice and endless compassion. We must try to understand each other if we are to work together. The Sun in Virgo answers to stationary Mercury on the fated eclipse degree; we are faced with some huge choices right now.

Neptune is also water, the universal solvent. All life depends on water and so we are united. Water gives life, but it can also take away, as we have witnessed with the recent Hurricane Harvey. How touching it is to see people rescuing others in Houston. It restores faith that deep down, people want to be good. In times of crisis, the field is leveled. This Full Moon casts a light on suffering, but it also reminds us that we are all one; we are all born and we all die, we all share the same emotions, which are as fluid as the water which comprises us.    


Thursday, September 7th, get behind the wheel, you’re in charge of your direction today and no one can tell you otherwise! Perhaps short tempered and spontaneous, today is great for initiating new things and being direct about how you feel. You’ll have a lot of energy, so get moving!

Friday, September 8th, we want to socialize, but we also have a deeper orientation. Today and tonight is best for hanging out with your best friends, or deepening other relationships. Complex layers are ready to be exposed and expressed. These are not superficial aspects. Discuss things that enrage you, fascinate you; share lifechanging moments in your lives.  After hours, there may be a tendency to overdo, so make sure you are either home safe, or in good company.

Saturday, September 9th, give yourself extra time this morning. Mercury says goodbye to Leo as he trudges through the final degree, so we might be moving slower today. Meditation and reflection can help to consolidate the heart-centered guidance we have received this month. Root in your uniqueness as we move forward to refinement in Virgo.

The Moon conjoins renegade Uranus, reaffirming our need for openness, as plans may change. Let’s hope that some of the surprises are pleasant and others are enlightening. The Sun trines Pluto, which offers an invitation to draw in power from other sources. Spiritual will flows into the Ego to access and activate higher purpose. Following a very short lunar void, the Moon enters Taurus at 12:23 pm.

Sunday, September 10th, Mercury returns to Virgo, where the retrograde story began. Mercury spent most of his retrograde in Virgo “how can we make this better, more perfect?” and discovered that no matter how much attention to detail, it’s the heart and soul, the feeling, that matters more. Now that we know how to stay true to ourselves, we are ready to return to the Virgo work of fine-tuning and perfecting.

The Moon conjoins Pallas Athene in Taurus as she prepares to station retrograde tomorrow. See the pattern, seize your sword. The Moon goes void of course at 8:54 pm with a square to Venus. It’s time to satisfy your desires. Something in your life screams, “Pay attention to me!!”

Monday, September 11th, there is a super slow start to the week. The Moon is void all morning and into the afternoon, which isn’t ideal for initiating projects. Follow through, tidy up and tend to ongoing affairs. The energy kicks up around 3:30 pm when the Moon enters Gemini. Any gloom lifts and chatter crescendos. There are some annoying aspects this evening, which demand our attention. There could be a little trouble making up your mind, but you’ll fare best if you keep it simple: get some exercise, cook dinner and tend to the little things at home.

Tuesday, September 12th, “you can’t believe everything you hear,” is the motto for the last couple of years. In the Information Age, there are too many “facts” tailored to every perspective in existence and everything becomes diluted. The Truth is muddled with all kinds of other truths. Develop the inner compasses of the heart and the intuitive third eye in order to navigate the times. Question everything.

Venus trines Saturn, solidifying some of the connections we’ve been building and reinstating our values. Use your sense of aesthetic and playfulness to enhance the beauty of your work. Have pride in your creations and your accomplishments. The last time Venus trined Saturn, she was retrograde and we were restacking our priorities. Now we get to enjoy the changes we’ve made. Things seem to be going well, so give yourself some credit! 

Wednesday, September 13th, is a multifaceted day, but overall, busy. Jupiter gives us can-do confidence this morning, which motivates us to anything. We are on a roll and might be feeling extra inspired, productive and creative, which carries us through the lunar void period this afternoon. If you must begin something important, try to lay the framework before 2:35 pm, because after that, your creative genius will take over and fill in the lines. All of the fire and air signs are activated today, which is the rapid spread of ideas, rumors and invention. The Moon enters Cancer at 6:12 pm.

The Sun squares Saturn tonight, which is a period of checking in with our responsibilities to our bodies, our families, and our careers. If you’ve been putting off your dentist visit, now is a time to think about going. Put your health first, and show up to the plate, if that’s what you signed up for. Step it up at work if you’ve been slacking. Remind yourself of the importance of doing so. This is a great time for a pep talk in the bathroom mirror.

Thursday, September 14th, the Cancer Moon trines Neptune, imbuing a soft reflectiveness into the day. Excellent for art, meditation, creativity and floating. Choose fluid activities which illuminate your senses and support introverted dialogue, which becomes healing into the evening. Venus conjunct the north node, which alludes to a strong female on a soap box, possibly someone who would be considered royalty or from a notorious family. This could also be big money in the news or scandal.

Friday, September 15th,


is a great day to purge. Throw things in the trash, donate clothes, or just cry ─ you don’t have to carry it any longer. Change is constant; there is so much potential out there for us. Does the caterpillar even know what it will become? Unless we allow ourselves to release, we get backed up, stagnant. While it’s easier said than done, we can make valuable strides by committing to the deep transformational work of yoga, meditation, therapy, choosing a holistic lifestyle and so much more. In such spaces, we can purge the cultural or familial programming which doesn’t serve us. Free up from distracting entanglements.

The Moon conjunct Ceres in Cancer, so no matter what you do, nurture yourself; give yourself what you need or help others in getting what they need. Venus sextiles Jupiter, forming a yod to Chiron: 

“Everything’s gonna be alright.”

 Rest assured; be confident in the process and remember that there is a teaching in everything.  

Does it feel like 2016 is back from the dead? There might be some surprises today. Sovereignty, freedom calls.  

Saturday, September 16th, Mercury conjoins Mars again, but this time they are in the sign of Virgo. We can expect more disputes, but this time less dramatic, and more critical. This is occurring at a very potent and public place in the sky, potentially manifesting as a hypercritical exposé or a damaging article. Of course this could go the other way too! Virgo is the little guy, so perhaps there’s an article singing the praises of a small business or lesser known individual.

The Moon is in Leo: expressive, creative, passionate, authentic, true (and perhaps the slightest bit dramatic).

Sunday, September 17th, inspiration takes form when the Leo Moon trines Saturn. Build, create, reinforce something, whether it’s a vision, a relationship, or some other project you are working on.  Since Saturn represents duty, be playful as you run your errands. Go out for coffee beforehand or make a pitstop at the swing-set. Try on a weird outfit while your SO tries on dress shirts. The Moon goes void with a trine to Uranus at 8:55 pm, so be open to breaking the usual routine this evening. Loosen up and be open to new things.

Monday, September 18th, now that the Moon is in Virgo, you’ll want to keep your hands busy. Hone your craft and produce something memorable. Today can be incredibly productive, and the driving power of Mars motivates us to get moving. Just make sure not to stay focused on one little detail for too long, or you’ll sabotage yourself. Ease up when Moon opposes Neptune in the evening. Now you can escape, tune out, drop out, glaze over, get high, Netflix, or visit your happy place.

Venus lands on the eclipse degree today, offering more clarity to your eclipse story. Let’s see what transpires in the world today, which might carry a fated quality.

The Priestess of devotion, Vesta, enters Libra. Rituals center around partnerships, friendships, equality, beauty and balance. Devote your energy to someone. Venus to the eclipse degree.

Tuesday, September 19th: today is the last day before the New Moon, which is usually a period of lower energy and reflection. Venus arrived on the eclipse degree yesterday, offering us new information to integrate, while Mercury clears its shadow today. Today is optimal for contemplating the clarity we have gleaned in the past couple of months from both the eclipse and Mercury’s retrograde.

Mercury opposes Neptune, which can be extremely creative, intuitive, and spiritual, but this can also be confusing. Do you have too many options before you? It might be hard to know which way to go. It’s okay, you can always change your mind again later. Have you ever been in a situation where you weren’t sure, and you let someone else take control because they seemed certain, only later to realize that you should’ve taken charge? Yup, this is one of those aspects. Don’t ignore your intuition. Don’t let someone else insist they know better. You knew better all along, even if you didn’t think so at the time.

Venus changes signs today. We had a ton of fun while she was in Leo. We let go, praised each other’s uniqueness, but now it’s time to reel it in and perfect something we know we could do better. Often we project our own standards onto others and can be overly critical. Venus in Virgo can be a challenging placement because we become picky, and perfectionistic; remember to be kind and loving to ourselves and others! Venus sits on the fixed star Regulus, the Queendom. Listen for any messages from the divine feminine, or invoke Her into your day. 

New Moon :: 27⁰27 Virgo :: Wednesday, September 20th, 2017 :: 1:29 am EDT

It’s time to look at things with a magnifying glass. The little things deserve our attention we must quit sweeping them under the rug to deal with later. We are beginning a new cycle in Virgo, which is our honed skillset, craft, discipline, and where we cultivate ourselves. Either we are refining our abilities, or its time to put them to use in a new way.

Perhaps there’s a way we could apply our skills to be of even better service to others. The New Moon opposes Chiron, which indicates possible mentorship, guidance or teaching. This aspect also suggests health and healing, which is another (often necessary) avenue of self-improvement. Is there an ache you’ve been ignoring? This is an excellent time to work with a skilled professional to address it before it grows into something much larger.

Like the cultivation of a skill, healing too takes time. Honor the process. And while its never too late to begin, a head start will never hurt. The New Moon squares Saturn, the task master, suggesting discipline, duty and that now is the time!

Mercury exactly opposes Neptune, which enhances imagination, meditation and supports allowing your creativity to flow. Channel your higher self. A bit of confusion can arise out of this aspect, which can lead to anxiousness; find a creative outlet that lets you keep your hands busy, as it will surely ground you. As Virgo is a minimalist sign, it’s a great time to tidy the home and the yard. The Harvest is near!

Thursday, September 21st,


is great for deep conversation with a close friend or partner. Bring something to light. Transmute, empower, heal, build trust. Discover secrets. The Libra Moon sextiles Saturn, which is great for productivity or modest enjoyment.

Friday, September 22nd, joyous Mabon, Autumnal Equinox to All! We have reached a time on Earth where there is a perfect balance between darkness and night. In the northern hemisphere, we prepare for colder weather, hibernation and introspection; we prepare to gather around the hearth, keeping our dear ones closer for warmth. In the southern hemisphere, people are emerging from their cocoon and getting ready to welcome the Sun’s rays.

We celebrate the Harvest this time of year, pruning the garden and storing away that which we’ve grown to sustain us through the cold season. On this day, the Sun enters Libra, a time of connecting, breaking bread together, sharing the fruits of our labor, relating and solidifying relationships to last through the winter months where you actually have to make an effort to socialize!

the Moon conjoins Jupiter in the morning, imbuing positivity, and loads of energy. The Moon goes void with an opposition to Uranus at 9:04 am, which is an energy of separation. What do you wish to release? The void period can be an active one, but use it to wrap up projects. The Moon enters Scorpio at 1:40 pm EDT. We can feel the veil thinning as Samhain draws near, but for now, feast with friends.

Saturday, September 23rd, Ceres enters Leo, keeping the fire alive. We feel the love of the Universe when we can play. Allow creativity to flow. Let go… just be. Show love, be love, radiate love. Notice the inherent beauty of ALL in it’s natural state. Today’s aspects support being in the cosmic or earthly (divine manifest) flow: mystical, creative, intuitive and imaginative. Read the patterns in the tea leaves; see the pattern. There is sacred geometry everywhere.

Sunday, September 24th, the Moon is void for the entire day, so you may just want to lay in bed all day. Or maybe you want to go to the apple orchard and roam. Use your Sunday however you like, but don’t force anything. Be receptive to your inner guidance. It’s ok to be fluid today. Mars opposes Neptune, and we may have been feeling this all weekend, but this aspect dissolves motivation. “What do I want?” Either we are being too idealistic or we are clueless. “What I thought I wanted seems pointless now.” Try to discern what the true message is. While reckless abandon may seem tempting, in most cases, the message may be to let go and allow, as opposed to forcing. This is a time where we might see people go overboard with drugs and alcohol, so check in with your pals if you know they are going through a hard time. This aspect can sometimes create a sense of hopelessness, or conversely, a divine longing.

We are also beginning to feel Pluto station direct today. Pluto is the depth, the reservoir of power deep within. It’s our creative center on a soul level and place of transformation. Change is constant, we are constantly generating new cells and old ones are dying. Pluto is the process of death and rebirth. We may be ready to shed a layer. Think back to April. What was going on. What piece of you died? What did you let go of? Time to move forward with our transformation.

Monday, September 25th, Mercury squares Saturn which is excellent for study, hard work, deep thought and tending to practical matters. You may find yourself in a situation where you must hold your tongue! This is a communicative block of some kind, maybe you don’t get called on to voice your opinion, or maybe it’s writers block, or someone won’t text you back about something important. Hopefully your internet is fully functioning today─ we all know how hard it is to function without it anymore!

The Sagittarius Moon wants freedom! And with a square to Venus, we may have a strong desire to connect with our friends, to socialize and enjoy a meal or drink together.

Tuesday, September 26th, we are so excited for the future. We can see it and we can taste it and we are ready to work for it! The Sag Moon takes aim towards our conquests and we’re ready to put the muscles to work. Today can be a productive day towards our vision. Become the freedom you seek by creating something solid.

Wednesday, September 27th, deviate from the usual morning shuffle routine. The Moon turns void with a creative trine from Uranus, urging us to switch it up. Keep your brain sharp and you’ll stay young. The Moon enters Capricorn at 12:24 pm, which yokes us back in line. Get back to business.  

Thursday, September 28th, the Lord of Darkness, Pluto, stations direct today. Don’t let the IAU fool you, this little guy packs a serious punch─ much like a bomb. While some of us may have been feeling this all week, today the decay is so acute, you can smell it.  Whether it’s looming sense of doom, oversensitivity or cerebral intensity, it’s a heavy day in the collective consciousness. The good news is that we are moving forward. Something has been dying and now it’s time to say goodbye to that piece of your identity. Let it go. Just even a small piece of it. You know exactly what it is. We are moving forward, and you’ve mourned enough for now.

Pluto is the natural cycle of death a rebirth. I am going to dissect this subject more in my upcoming article on Jupiter’s time in Scorpio, but we need to quit fearing death so much. Skin cells are continually dying and regenerating themselves. In the birth of a baby, maidenhood dies and motherhood begins. Dead leaves become fertile soil for new growth…

Pluto in Capricorn seeks to expose the faults of the current order: the patriarchy, the corporation, capitalism, oligarchy and the major systems which give order to life. Beginning with it’s ingress in 2008, we witnessed the Stock market crash which paved way for economic peril that we still haven’t solved. We have awakened to the massive wealth inequality in the U.S.A. and in the World. “We are the 99%!” Super-PACS, Millennials “killing Applebees,” are just a few more symptoms of Pluto in Capricorn and we still have a while to go…

Interestingly, Jupiter and Uranus complete their final opposition today as well, and it’s gonna feel like 2016 is back from the dead.

Friday, September 29th, Mercury enters Libra and finds himself on the world axis, indicating that someone’s words are going to have a large impact today. Yeah, I know this sounds vague, but this placement usually creates a buzz. Mercury in Libra balances the right and left hemispheres of the brain, is a master of etiquette and will always tell the truth in a way that strives not to upset anyone. Seeing both sides of any situation, Mercury in Libra activates our ability to mediate. 

Venus makes her annual opposition to Neptune, evoking themes of idealism, romance, poetry, fantasy, fairytale, seeing what you want to see, seeing the good in others, humanitarianism, elevated compassion and empathy, sacrifice for something bigger than you, divine marriage, delusion, and allure. The desire to transcend may be strong today, elevate your senses with music, yoga, art, meditation, prayer, theatre, movies and LOVE.  

Saturday, September 30th, the Moon is in oddball Aquarius, making no hard aspects. Kick your feet up and read a good book, get the mental gears turning. Play it cool and slack off a bit if you need to. You don’t owe anyone anything today. Do what you like.  Excellent day for socializing and stimulating the mind.  


Aho Mitakyue Oyasin. You are all my family.

May we all be awakened to our heart, and align our hearts together to create a

New Earth, rooted in righteousness, love, equality, abundance and compassion for all.

Wahe Guru

-Catherine O