Jupiter in Scorpio: Sex, Death, Garbage and the Occult

Photo by Megan Workman, my Scorpio friend

Photo by Megan Workman, my Scorpio friend

October 10th, 2017  –  November 8th, 2018

Jupiter enlarges the collective awareness of all things Scorpio:

sex, intimacy, trust, privacy,

death, secrets, power, garbage,

occult, healing and transformation.

Generally speaking, this will be a potent time for Scorpios, as the planet of prosperity, luck and growth is in your sign. While not every Scorpio will win the lottery, this is generally a time of joy and counting blessings. Your efforts are really feeling like they are paying off.

If you are 24, 36, 48, 60, 72 or 84, you can also expect a fortuitous year, as you were probably born while Jupiter was in Scorpio. Jupiter in Scorpio natives have a deep yearning to tap into the undercurrents of existence; they ask big questions and invest much of their energy seeking truth. Intimate relationships are vital to their development and these people might be really good with money.

Let’s dissect!



While Jupiter was in Libra, we may have expanded our social circle, so now the question is “who do I connect with the most?” For a relationship’s roots to flourish, there must be a mutual trust, often built upon by sharing things "private," which is accompanied by vulnerability. Few people are trusted to receive our deep feelings, fears and or even our naked bodies, so we invest in these special connections. When we reveal these otherwise hidden facets to those we trust, we form a closer bond. And in intimate relationships, there are certain expectations of reciprocation─ whether it’s oral sex, or emotional responsiveness. 

I trust you and you trust me.

Notice that some of these key words can also be used to describe finances. When we share money or have a joint investment, we have similar expectations. 

“Sexual Exploration”

Is there a carnal pleasure you’ve always wanted to experience? Jupiter in Scorpio might enlarge this desire, so now is a good time to ask for what you want.  If you’ve been with your partner for a long time, this is an opportunity to go even deeper with them and spice things up at the same time. Here, reciprocation and trust are also important. Perhaps what I give you isn’t the exact same as what you give me, but it’s on the understanding of shared value.

“Sexual Healing”

Your relationship with your sexuality is a mirror of your relationship with yourself. Our sexual energy is the creative energy, the lifeforce. If there is a block here, it may translate to emotional and creative blockages as well. Healing this part of ourselves may involve professional expertise, a trusted partner, or maybe it’s deep personal work.  

Scorpio is a feminine sign, so I cannot overemphasize enough the importance of the empowered feminine taking joy in her sexuality and pleasure─ it’s a radical act! And while the saying goes, “When a woman heals herself, she heals the 7 generations before and after her,” this statement of course applies to all human beings. Heal yourself, heal the world.

Possible healing modalities: yoni egg, yoni steaming, pelvic floor therapy, sacral chakra energy healing, energy orgasms, OMing, tantra, or mantras of empowerment.


“Bodily Fluids”      

Semen, shit, piss, periods, female ejaculation (amrita), breast milk, bile, spit…  things you don’t usually talk about around the dinner table unless you are a Scorpio.

In a recent TED Talk, Katie Hinde wonders why scientists know more about tomatoes than breast milk. As Jupiter rules both understanding and legislation, it seems that the volume of this conversation will get louder this year. The UK has banned certain genres of pornography while some States in the U.S. want to mandate funerals for fetuses. We are learning that sperm may smell their way to the egg, therein a case can be made that each sperm is a living entity

“Healing in general”

Oh, you thought you already dealt with those feelings? Jupiter in Scorpio might dig up some undesirables from our psyche. Now is a great time to finally get to therapy. Like popping a pimple, Jupiter in Scorpio takes a twisted pleasure in shadow work. We want to go deeper. So now is an excellent time to commit more fully to our spiritual practices.

Scorpio specializes in removal and purging, so now is a great time to try a colonic, remove skin tags or warts, remove a tattoo, participate in a sacred plant ceremony and also, this is a good time to look into life insurance policies.


“Garbage and Waste”

Scorpio marks the time of the Tropical year in which the dead leaves fall; these leaves eventually become part of the soil for next year. Scorpio rules waste, garbage and compost. This period is an excellent time to start your first compost. So often we throw something in the garbage and don’t think about where it ends up thereafter. Like many other Scorpio topics, garbage is “icky” and compost smells like shit, but under the magnifying lens of Scorpio, some of these issues might get bigger than could otherwise go on ignored. The key here is transformation, as compost turns garbage into gold.


“Why are we so afraid of Death?”

Death is a rite of passage equally as important as birth. Perhaps what’s most unsettling about it is the unknown. We literally do not know for sure what happens when we leave our bodies, although we have many ideas. This sensitive topic may become more deserving of our attention under Jupiter’s transit through Scorpio’s territory of the occulted spiritual realms.

I leave you with a few topics I've been pondering:

  1. What if we celebrated death as we do a birth or wedding? Timothy Leary designed his own death.

  2. The right to die with dignity. Why not allow people to leave this Earth on their own terms? Why are we so obsessed with quantifying life, even in spite of pain, and exorbitant costs of medical care? Some States are ahead of the curve, which allowed Betsy Davis to die in her own way.

  3. What’s more important, the quality or quantity of life?

  4. Does a collective fear of death contribute to the pro-life movement?

  5. Might we explore new ways to dispose of our bodies? This Vox video is a must watch.

  6. As concerned as we are about where we go when we die, why isn’t our collective bewilderment paralleled by where our spirits might come from when we are born?

Some final key words to leave off with:

Investment, Power, Mafia

Discovery, Plumbing, Mining

Privacy, Sharing, Hacking

Pandemic, Obsession, Horror

Mortgage, Loans

Distilling, Surgery

Sex-workers,  genitals

Mortician, Goth

Enjoy the freak show, kiddies. Whether we like it or not, we all have a shadow side, stare at car accidents and sometimes have malicious thoughts. We are a culture obsessed with Criminal Minds, Law and Order, and Stephen King. We all waste, we all die and we are all sexual beings. Some of us just wear it on our sleeves while others hide. Perhaps while Jupiter is in Scorpio, we can collectively release some of the shame. 

With all of the love from my Scorpio Moon,


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