Jupiter in Scorpio: What's in it for me?

October 10th, 2017  –  November 8th, 2018


Jupiter enlarges the collective awareness of all things Scorpio:

sex, intimacy, trust, privacy, death, secrets, power, garbage, occult, healing and transformation. 

Generally speaking, this will be a potent time for Scorpios, as the planet of prosperity, luck and growth is in your sign. While not every Scorpio will win the lottery, this is generally a time of joy and counting blessings. Your efforts are really feeling like they are paying off.


If you are 24, 36, 48, 60, 72 or 84, you can also expect a fortuitous year, as you were probably born while Jupiter was in Scorpio. Jupiter in Scorpio natives have a deep yearning to tap into the undercurrents of existence; they ask big questions and invest much of their energy seeking truth. Intimate relationships are vital to their development and these people might be really good with money.

Aries:  Welcome to your new life. Jupiter is in your house of transformation, reflecting a readiness to shed certain aspects of being. When one door closes, another opens. Something in your world or within your own self is ready to be reborn. While endings can be difficult, ultimately, this is an invitation for deep growth. This is also a great year for investments, loans, or joint finances.

Taurus: Lucky you! Jupiter brings blessings to your house of relationships. Find joy and growth as you connect with others. This is a year of deepening friendships, solidifying business partnerships, and connecting more deeply with your romantic partner(s). If you are single, you might be looking for your soulmate or even your twin flame. Ooh baby!  

Gemini: It's time to transform your daily routine. "Life" is what we do in our everyday lives, so it's time for an update. Health, healing, empowerment, creativity, productivity, relaxation or passion? Jupiter likes freedom, so careful that you don't jam pack your schedule, as this year might get busy! This is a great year to get crafty, hone your skills. So if you've been wanting to learn how to knit or make your own beer, get on it!

Cancer: Lucky you! Jupiter is in your house of playfulness, romance and creativity. If you have children, this time will be especially joyous with them, so take advantage. Children or none, it’s time for you to see the world through their eyes: the world is your playground! Plan more play-dates with your friends so that you can deepen and lighten at the same time. Make art for art’s sake and maximize your pleasure. 

Leo: If you aren't looking to move somewhere more spacious, this is a great time to purge and rearrange so that you can stretch out more. Expansive Jupiter is travelling through your realm of home and family, so there may be some big changes here. Keep your ears open for family secrets. While this is an overall positive time, this is also a house of endings. Maidenhood ends when motherhood begins, for example.  Nurture your roots and you'll find how rewarding domestic endeavors can be.

Virgo: Geek out, read, research and learn. You're ready to replenish the well of knowledge. Jupiter is in your house of communication, reading and writing- all of which you may have the desire to improve upon. This is an excellent time to explore your community more, so get on your bike and join the nearest book club near you. This may be an exciting year in the lives of your siblings. 

Libra: Jupiter is in your house of money, so this could be a really great year for income, or, it will make your spending problems too big to ignore. This may be a year for making larger purchases or investing in the tools you need to perform in the world. You’ll want to spend more, but usually these are important items that you will continue to use over and over again. And as long as you are putting in the work, the dough should be rolling in! 

Scorpio: With the planet of luck, growth, possibility, and adventure in your sign, this is bound to be a great year for you. You might feel more positive and confidant than usual, and as you reach for the ice cream, you'll be reminded of how sweet life can be. With the expansive nature of Jupiter comes the possibility of weight gain.  So be the alchemist of your life and seek enjoyment of all kinds.

Sagittarius: Go on a retreat, spend time alone, meditate or write in your journal. So much is happening behind the scenes for you right now so it’s valuable for you to take space to process. Think of this time as a period of gestation. You are more sensitive and therefore have more compassion for others, so you may desire to alleviate suffering in the world somehow, someway. Your dreams may be more vivid than usual, so pay attention for clues, and don't forget to take as many bubble baths as possible.



Capricorn:  You are expanding your reach within your network. If you own a business, this could be a lucrative year for you. Grow your circle, get involved in your community. This is a great year to improve your social media presence, join a club and elevate your status quo. Jupiter is in your sphere of friendships and connections, so it may be a joyous time for some of your friends and you'll be happy to celebrate with them!

Aquarius: With Jupiter in your career house, this will be an excellent year for recognition. This is the time to put yourself out there. Have courage to make the advances you desire and ask for that raise. Welcome the increased opportunities which are coming your way and don't miss out on your chance to move up in the world!

Pisces: This is an optimal year for deep study, so if you've been wanting to go back to school or commit to a spiritual discipline, heed the call! If your Yoga Teacher Training intensive is in Hawaii, well, this is an excellent year for travel as well. Book the trip you've always wanted to experience as there is no better time than now. This is also an advantageous year for publishing. 

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With all the love from my Scorpio Moon,