Astrology Here and Now: October 11th-20th, 2017


“Peace, Justice and Anarchy”

The New Moon takes root on October 19th, 2017 at 3:12 pm EDT and at 26⁰35’ of Libra.  Quite fitting for the dual sign, the Libra New Moon chart is both salty and sweet, setting the tone for the next 2-4 weeks. 

On the surface, Libra is balanced, sociable, refined and has the ability to remain impartial, sympathizing with both sides. But behind the charming, put-together exterior, is a strong will and an uncompromising set of values around equality, fairness and justice. They don't call Libra "the iron fist in the velvet glove" for nothin'! They know how to drive the ship and look damn good doing it too. 

Libra's ruling planet Venus is also in Libra, so we see an even greater yearning for fairness, beauty and balance and yet we live in a world with massive wealth inequalities, and a government who helps Houston but not Puerto Rico,. There are countless major issues facing us as humans on this planet, and the urgency to alleviate these geo-policitcal ailments is amplifying. The Hopi word, Koyaanisqatsi, comes to mind, meaning "unbalanced life." Science continues to affirm what the ancient peoples all knew was true: we are all connected. And further, if one aspect of existence gets out of whack, it upsets the entire equilibrium. 

Have we played nice for too long? The New Moon  exactly opposes Uranus,  suggesting the need for radical changes in order to achieve more of a harmonious collective. Uranus is the revolutionary, the anarchist, the genius, the breakthrough, break-down and the disruption; his purpose is to startle, stir and awaken. Uranus is prone to extremism, which is sometimes what's needed to get the collective gears turning.

In other words, this is not a quiet New Moon at all.  Where do you need to make some noise? Libra is also our partnerships. Could something be more harmonious if you were to speak up? We might expect to see acts of resistance around this New Moon, as well as break ups! The Nodes of Fate are highly active, indicating that it's time to leave the outworn programming behind and expand our consciousness. 

Also, pay attention to air travel. Uranus rules spaceships and airplanes, while the Sabian Symbol for this degree reads: “an airplane sails, high in the bright clear sky.” The imagery also describes the need for a greater perspective, freedom and transcendence. 

(Below:  Even Jesus flips tables when he has to )

My all time favorite table flipping gif

Jump the Hurdle:

October 11th:Everything in life is a cycle. And the astrological cycles reflect this truth. The Mars/Saturn cycle lasts for roughly 2 years, and this has to do with OBSTACLES─ and the maturity that develops as we try to work around them. Mars is the drive to win, and Saturn is the limits, the rules, the authority or the law. Personally, this last cycle has been related to my physical body, as Saturn rules bones and alignment, teeth and skin. This could also be describing issues with your boss, career, goals or your direction in life.

Think back to what was going on in your life on/around:

  1. August 24th 2016 (conjunction, seeding of a new cycle)

  2. January 19th, 2017 (First big challenge, square)

  3. May 29th, 2017, Memorial Day (opposition, seeing clearly what needs to be done, new action)

  4. Now another challenge, try it another way

  5. Finally, in December, it starts to find a solution, closure, and on April 2nd, we finish this cycle and begin another one; some themes might carry over.




October 12:the Moon in Cancer sensitizes us to the awareness of our emotions. Before we had language, we relied on our instincts. Today is a very active day, but our senses will be our compass. It might be hard to get moving if we aren’t feeling it. Get creative and find a way through the blocks, if any. Excellent aspects for practical thinking, focus and study. 

October 13th and 14th:The Leo Moon warms our hearts and generates appreciation, gratitude and creativity. Just heed the possible drama and worry about your own swag!

On the 14th, Venus enters her home sign of Libra. Venus in Libra is a master of social graces, etiquette and class, but she can also be fake! During this time, we might aim to be better about returning those unanswered texts, take more time to curl our hair and try to understand more, instead of getting offended. Venus in Libra has a balanced perspective and can almost always sympathize with both sides of the story. This is a great time to invite more beauty into your world and to become more aware of how we are relating with others. In lieu of being fake, try to find a nice way to speak your truth!

October 15th and 16th:The Virgo Moon shifts our focus to the details. Our eyes are like microscopes and not a “t” goes uncrossed. Virgo Moons are excellent for productivity, cooking, cleaning, writing, crafting and completing to-do lists. Oh, and nagging.

On the 15th, be open to creative inspiration that illuminates your psyche like lightning. Some say that all the ideas that exist are out floating in the ethers, but once you attune your frequency properly, it could be you who invents the next wheel. You never know! Today is ripe for cosmic downloads, but also motor-mouth. Mercury opposes Uranus, so watch what you say to whom and be mindful on the road. This is an aspect for recklessness, but also ingenuity.

The Sun sextiles Saturn on the 16th, aiding in productivity. We want to build something long lasting, whether it’s a career, a partnership or a house.

October 17th has some tough aspects. The Moon goes void with a conjunction to Mars at 7:27 am EDT, and remains void until entering Libra at 1:35 pm EDT. The morning could be anything from busy, confrontational or competitive, but it is definitely active and more intense than usual. Once the Moon enters Libra, the mood should lighten up.

October 18th: Mercury conjoins with Jupiter early in the morning. This is the first time any planetary body conjoins with Jupiter since he moved into Scorpio, so it should be interesting to observe. We might be prone toward introspection, obsessive thoughts, or deep conversation with close friends. Excellent for journaling! The Moon further squares Pluto, doubling down on this abysmal sense of uprooting. Today is the last day of the lunar cycle, so energy levels might be lower than usual.

October 20th:  The Scorpio Moon wants to flow freely and creatively. Todayfeelsbetter. Trust the flow, your inner guidance, and breathe deep. 


Have a splendid New Moon, ALL! We are ONE!

Love from my Scorpio Moon to your soul,