Astrology Here and Now: Sensing the Interdimensional Veil



Joyous Samhain.

The cool winds howl,

In death, lies the promise of rebirth.

The breakdown of withered leaves,

Transforming into soil for next year’s growth;

Of the forgotten acorns, many will rise into trees,

To produce countless fallen seeds in the coming years.

The great cycle: life, death, rebirth;

It is in death, that we never felt more alive.


This time of year is when the veil between worlds is at it's finest, and with Jupiter freshly in Scorpio, we may be even more attuned to this portal now than in other years. Many believe that this is an optimal period for communing with the deceased, with the nature spirits─ the devas─ and with our deepest, truest self. Speak to your loved ones who have passed on; they might be listening. Talk to your spirit guides and other exalted deities: ask for clarity and give gratitude.

Others make it a point to consciously release old outworn aspects of self. The falling leaves remind us that it’s ok to let go; we are making room for new growth!

Does science affirm the notion that the veil is now thinner? No, they aren’t quite there yet. However, technological innovation takes paranormal investigation to new heights. Members of the Ghost Adventures crew speculate that since they can communicate with spirits through certain devices which detect other frequencies, that the spirit world exists in a frequency not much different than our own─ similar to how ultraviolet and infrared light exist, but we can’t see it with the naked eye.

So when the spirit leaves the body, where does it go? Another dimension of a slightly variable frequency? Are our higher selves simultaneously existing in that same dimension while we are alive? What is that dimension? Who knows. But hopefully time will tell! 


October 21st: Moon in Scorpio squares the nodes of fate offering us a choice to move forward or stay put. Make a small change and the ripples will emote. 


October 22nd: Mars enters Libra, which is not his favorite place to be. Mars is the action principle, so ideally, we go for it! But here, there is a bit of hesitation to GO FORTH, because in Libra, we are PARTNERSHIP-oriented and more conscious of OTHERS. Libra likes harmony, so our choices and motivations might be informed by keeping others happy. COOPERATION. And since not all of us are mind readers, we might be more indecisive now through the beginning of December. Maybe this isn't such a bad thing with the weather getting colder. If we're gonna be stuck inside with someone all winter, might as well get along!

The Moon enters Sagittarius at 7:57 am EDT, giving us a vision and inspiration to get us through the day. What ideologies motivate you? What's your philosophy? 

October 23rd: Scorpio season officially begins! Do you feel like someone is behind you? Why do we exist? Where do we go when we die? If you were ever wondering why all Scorpios are complex, secretly tortured souls, it's because we sense that's there's MORE than what meets the eye. During this time of year, we want to connect more deeply with others and with the subtle forces of existence. "I want to see..." 

It might be hard waking up today if the alarm clock disrupts your vivid dream. The Sag Moon square Neptune is perfect for Astral Travel, and you wake up wondering if it was real.  gonna be hard waking up today... Moon square Neptune. I wanna stay in the dream?? What is your dream? So start the day with something that makes you feel transcendent. Reinforce that aura before you leave the house so that you can be a superhero. 

October 24th: Focused AND creative morning leading up to a LONG VOID OF COURSE DAY. Get anything important ready for print before 12:44 pm because after that, things may not go as planned. Reserve the afternoon for free-writing your drafts, tending to the odds and ends. Move intuitively; go with the flow and you might be surprised by the colorful creations you weave. Moon enters Capricorn at 8:12 pm: time to reel it in.. It's a Tuesday night after all. Make a sensible dinner and catch up on your Netflix queue.

October 25th: Capricorn Moon- use it to work steadfastly toward your goals. Be sensible. But this evening, Moon aspects Neptune, so you'll want to do something magical,  whether you are sharing a cocktail with a friend, watching a movie, or opening your third eye.

October 26th: Today is a ripe for deep introspection. We see things purely, clearly cutting as they are. "Sometimes being wounded is easier than healing." That's right. Jupiter is travelling close to the Sun for the entirety of these dates, but it comes to exactitude today at 2:09 pm; perhaps there's an issue too big to ignore. Tune in and get the insight you need to move through it. Heal, confront, elevate. If the thing you thought you dealt with is back from the dead, ask your ancestors and spirit guides for help! 

October 27th: The electric Aquarius Moon keeps us chill and buzzed all day, like a 6 pack of pumpkin ale. Looks like a busy day, with a dose of indulgence, so go ahead and get the donut too. Venus perfects her square to Pluto, which can bring out more from the sexual abuse stories that have been emerging. The square aspect says, "what can we do about this?" Also triggering obsessive/compulsive behavior, especially when it comes to romance, love and pleasure, this aspect can also signify themes of love triangles or manipulation. Money might be a player in the game too.

October 28th:  Happy Adult Halloween! After a laid-back day, the aspects are looking sweet for enjoyment, pleasure, good conversation. The only thing is that around 9:35 pm, there's a disagreement between intellect and gut feeling. You have a choice: stick with the plans or tell your friends you don't feel like it anymore! But if you have a good back up plan, Mars in Libra could be working for you!

October 29th: I love it when a long VOC Moon falls on a Sunday, don't you? Go with the flow. No pressure, just do what you feel. I wouldn't schedule a lot for today, if you are reading this in advance. Best to flow intuitively, but the morning has a nice aspect to Saturn, so tend to the necessities early, especially if you must go grocery shopping. 

October 30: Moon in Pisces: stay in your cocoon if you are able! Float, transcend, meditate, dream, dance, yoga, music, art, get inspired and connect with something bigger than you.

October 31st: Happy Halloween; Blessed Samhain. Mercury squares the nodes of fate, offering another choice in direction. But this time, you must consciously make a choice and vocalize it. Speak your truth and send those vibrations out so they manifest into reality. Throat Chakra activation!  


Unfortunately for the kids, this doesn't look like the most cheerful night for Trick or Treat... The Moon goes void with a square to Saturn (of all things) to put a damper on the evening. It could literally be rain, or maybe it's too cold and the kid doesn't wanna wear a coat over their costume. Understandable! There's just an element of disappointment or crankiness, so get some back up candy for the kid who ONLY gets tootsie rolls.

November 1st: Bendiciónes para el Día de los Muertos. The Aries Moon wants to go it's own way, but Mars says, "think about how this will affect everyone else." What will you do?

November 2nd: This is quite a vivid day, ranging from strong emotions early in the day, to a social evening of sensible enjoyment. Don't be surprised if you get a late night jolt of energy just as you are trying to relax. Jot your ideas down so you don't forget them tomorrow. 

May we all tune in to the subtle frequencies,

to learn, to see, to heal...

to connect with our ancestors,

to heal any wounds behind us and before us....

As the wheel turns...

Blessed be and One Love.