Mars Retrograde: Slooowww it dowwnn!

Stations Retrograde:


June 26th, 2018, 5:04 pm EDT; 

9⁰13' Aquarius

Stations Direct:

August 27th, 2018, 10:05 am;

28⁰37' Capricorn

(Shadow period: May 12th, 2018 - October 8th 2018)

While the planet oriented with action moves backwards, congruently, we aren't moving forward either!At least, not as we normally do. With physical energy lower than usual, we turn inward to arrive face to face with our own Mars - our inner go-getter. 

Mars is what motivates us.It's our desires and how we go after them. What gets you out of bed? What gets you riled up? Angry? Turned on?Mars rules sex, passion, drive, determination, anger, war, sharp (and phallic) objects, mechanics, exercise, and how we go after what we want. Mars can be very primal; there is often no thinking involved here. It's often an automatic response. The Mars retrograde period offers us perspective on this important piece of ourselves. 

During this time, take an honest look at what you're energetically invested in:

  • Do you still desire the same things you did 2 years ago, or has it changed?

  • What are you willing to fight for?

  • What needs to change in your sexual relationships?

  • Is your expression of anger healthy?

  • If you aren't getting what you want, what needs to change in your approach to getting it?

After consciously observing the expression of our Mars, we can begin  to work on any necessary adjustments as Mars begins to move forward again in August. Until then, sloooowww it dowwwn.

While there is a lot of hype about retrograde planets, THIS is one we really want to pay attention to.  Mars is a personal planet and only retrogrades every 2.2 years -  rare compared to Mercury (3-4 x per year) and the annual retrograde of each outer planet.  The only planet whose retrograde cycle occurs less frequently than Mars is that of Venus, occurring this October. 

Pick your battles

It is said that whoever picks the battle during Mars retrograde will lose. 

Keep this in your back pocket for your own good, and grab some popcorn as you scroll your twitter feed. But in all seriousness, hold off on taking anyone to small claims. 

Hold off on that new car

Oh, did I mention that Mercury will also retrograde in July? Yeah, that's a double no-no! While Mercury retrogrades are not ideal for signing new contracts or making large purchases, neither is a Mars retrograde timely for buying vehicles due to the mechanical properties and their purpose of taking us places (see, determination?). Additionally, it would be helpful if you could avoid buying any kind of machinery, tools, irons, work-out equipment, computers or phones. It could give you more trouble than it's worth in the long run. If something breaks, fix it instead! 

Working out:

Energy levels may be lower at this time, so for those of you hoping to begin a new exercise regimen, you would need to exert double the force, which is not sustainable! The best thing to do for right now is to continue doing what you know. And for all of us, preparing ourselves for those days when we really want to really push it, but just can't muster the energy: be ok with this! This is a valuable time to reassess our approach. 

Avoid initiating a new venture:

This is a fruitful period meant to contemplate our current goals and projects. Even though we may quickly realize that we need to veer in a different direction, we may still not be clear on WHICH direction. Hold off on irrational decisions or else risk frustration because you don't have enough momentum. Again, we are not reaching for new things just yet. Form the ideas and journal them until the time is right to act. 

New Love Interest?

Go ahead and have some fun. The only caution I can give here (based on observation) is that sexual relationships begun under Mars retrograde will often end because each person wants different things, their goals are incompatible or they can no longer satisfy one another.  So if it feels right, be safe and have fun, but don't get too attached to the outcome. Or hey, let's be real - with Mars retracing his steps backward, you may even want to call someone you previously hooked up with.  



Mars Retrograde in Aquarius and Capricorn?

If you were born under either of these signs, it's going to feel most personal. Mars will be talking directly to you. For some people, this will not seem to affect them much at all. It depends on which degrees of the zodiac are occupied by planets in your natal chart. But before you feel left out, know that everyone has Capricorn and Aquarius somewhere in their chart. 

I am offering $25 Mars retrograde readings if you would like to know how YOU personally can best work with this energy. 

Most interestingly will be Mars' continuous square to rebellious Uranus. Usually lasting 2 weeks, this aspect is prolonged and weaved into this transit. It's time to figure out where you've become too limited and alter our direction accordingly. Uranus is the AWAKENER, the anarchist throwing a Molotov cocktail... Your higher self is speaking and it's going to rock the boat. If you are in a situation where you feel like rage-quitting, face it head on.  You may not have to quit altogether. You may just need to get clear on WHAT needs to change and SPEAK UP!  But then again, maybe you do... 

Mars square Uranus is fiercely independent, unafraid of moving to it's own drum.

Listen to those desires now. 

Aquarius innovates, then we move back into Capricorn where we build the new goals. 

So if you find it difficult to slow your gait, I leave you with this reminder:


Lots of Love,