Astrology Forecast: June 2018

June begins in Gemini Season, characterized by the excitable chatter around town, seeing people you haven't seen all winter, buzzing around the neighborhood on bikes and the liveliness of new summer activities. It's lighthearted, fun and energizing!


Following a Sagittarius Full Moon, we begin the month seeking FREEDOM: in our minds, bodies and spirits. Continue to discover the BIG picture by remaining lighthearted and celebrating the weirdness of life (without attachment to *your* version). Sagittarius is the philosopher:

"Life just is....."  Fill in the blank with literally anything... Gemini "mad-lib" style!

Top 5 Aspects in June:

  1. Mars stations retrograde; June 26th (((read all about it)))

  2. Neptune stations retrograde; June 18th

  3. Venus opposes Mars; June 21st, the SUMMER SOLSTICE

  4. Gemini New Moon; June 13th

  5. Capricorn Full Moon; June 28th

June 1st, 2nd, 3rd:

  • Energized speech, communication, writing, idea-generating (Mercury trine Mars)

  • Creativity, seeking magic, artistry, feeling connected to something greater (Grand Trine in the water element, comprised of Venus, Jupiter and Neptune) This may also show up as a tendency to inflate - for better or worse.

  • The Moon is in a tough place until Saturday evening when she enters Aquarius at 6:06 pm EDT; until then, DEEP feelings of a compulsiveness, ruthlessness, am-bitch-ious-ness, or at best, an urge to destroy and transform.

  • Mood becomes more social and waaay less emotional (though with a tendency to overdo) Saturday evening and all day Sunday

(((THIS IS A VERY PSYCHIC WEEK - watch for those vibes you'll be picking up and dropping)))

June 4th: 

  • Moon is void ALL day. Now that Uranus has changed signs, we will have longer void periods. The positive side of this is that we get a break! Void Moon periods are best for rest, reflection and going with the flow. Try not to over-plan on these days. The tough part? We live in a busy world and for some of us, it's hard to relax.

June 5th: 

  • Moon in Pisces: artistry, spirituality, creativity, sensitivity, greater awareness of suffering in the world, empathy

  • Sun and Mercury in Gemini (chatty, lighthearted, funny, gossip) form an awkward aspect with Jupiter in Scorpio (private, deep, *hush-hush* sensitive topics). These two signs have little in common.

  • A good image for this is the SNL skit featuring Rachel Dratch as Debbie Downer; but it can also be viewed from the other way around, perhaps a frustration that most people would rather discuss the royal wedding than the plastics in our water.

  • The Pisces Moon wants escape, so what's the happy medium? DARK COMEDY. Or enjoying The Handmaid's Tale

Also June 5th:

  • Venus opposes Pluto: With the other person as our mirror, what deep inner truth is being reflected back to us? And how does it make you feel? This can be a deeply healing aspect around how we relate to others and function in an intimate relationship. However, it can also illuminate how we project our fears and insecurities into our relationship dynamics. This aspect can also highlight issues with money, values, possessiveness, love-triangles and manipulation in love. The important take-away here (should challenges arise) is to get to the root of the issues. Pluto transits are deeply psychological. Having a heartfelt and honest conversation (without blame) to unpack the issue can bring great illumination on behalf of both parties.

June 6th and 7th: Divine Discontent

  • Sun and Mercury square Neptune: this aspect can appear as a divine longing, hopelessness, extreme idealism

  • We are attuned to the collective consciousness and Mother Earth as a whole. Why can't things be more perfect, healing, holistic? Why must we toil so???

  • Either carry the world on the shoulders of your bleeding heart, or seek some sort of escape to numb the existential pain.

  • ^^^ I am of course exaggerating a bit here (Neptune can do that). I live with Sun square Neptune and it can be brutal! But it can also lead us to put effort into a spiritual discipline, which offers both transcendence and a heart-centered connection to the collective. In the collective, this aspect will likely pertain to the trend of "fake news" and sensationalism.

  • The FOG LIFTS on the evening of June 7th when the Moon enters go-get-em Aries.

Mercury goes OUT OF BOUNDS June 6th- 24th; rogue, un-tethered to the usual rules/function. During this time, we may be more surprised at what comes out of people's mouths! Or even our own... Words have greater power at this time - to either damage or elevate. 

June 8th: Ray of sunshine through the clouds

  • You are doing something right. Affirmation of what IS working

  • Mars semi-sextiles Saturn, which ties into the upcoming MARS RETROGRADE theme we will be working with through October. Mars retrograde brings awareness about our goals and desires and what needs to change. It's easy to sometimes feel like everything is futile, so before we drain the baby with the bathwater, we get a celestial tap on the shoulder that says, "keep this up."

  • Not as sunny: Venus squares Eris - Feminine rage; may the feminine use her voice to rise.

June 9th:

  • Moon is void from 3:37 pm EDT until midnight, when the Moon enters Taurus.

  • Don't overbook the 2nd half of your day and initiate important tasks prior. Otherwise, it will be hard to get moving.

June 12th:  Mercury enters Cancer

  • Nostalgia, history, the past, your heritage/roots

  • Concerns with family

  • Speaking in a more nurturing way

  • Emotional awareness, insight into our needs and automatic responses

June 13th: New Moon, 22⁰44' Gemini

  • Check out my video to learn more >>>

  • Venus enters Leo - express your appreciation for others, generosity, creativity, free-flowing love, wear more colors!

  • Vesta retrogrades back into Sagittarius - get in touch with the rituals that expand your inner flame.

  • Moon turns VOID after the New Moon. Energy levels tend to be lower on New Moons anyhow.

June 14th: 

  • Venus square Uranus: love of freedom, craving excitement, variety, spontaneity. Switch it up! This can be pleasure/thrill seeking. As a separating aspect, which might mean leaving something behind which has grown too boring or limiting.

June 15th: 

  • Mercury perfects an opposition to Saturn (wrapped into the New Moon energy). What is the hurdle here? We are invited to create a new relationship with it. Even if it's something we've been looping through for some time. Every day we wake up, we are given the option to start the day with a new approach. The mind IS changeable, but it can take effort.

  • The Moon turns void at 12:18 pm EDT for the remainder of the day. This void period is tinted by the intensity and depth of Pluto. Feelings are raw, with great potential for healing and breakthrough.

June 18th: Neptune Stations Retrograde:

  • The waters are a-flowing, whether you're feeling sensitive to the collective current, need a healthy cry, or enjoy the thunderstorm from your window. Rain is not uncommon on/around a Neptune station, if for nothing else, to evoke feeling and stir the psyche.

  • Watch for themes of haze, fog, dreaminess, fantasy, idealism, escape.

  • Escape is a big theme with Neptune >>> weather it's intoxication, hiding out in your room to binge netflix or doing 6 hours of yoga.

  • Dreams are going to be more vivid. Pay attention to the prominent symbols.

June 19th and 20th: Grand Water Trine

  • Mercury trines Jupiter and Neptune

  • Psychic, artistic, empathic, intuitive, FEELING

  • Compassion elevates; Universal love; feeling of interconnectedness

  • Idealization, imagination, creativity

  • Intensified by the Neptune station: spacey, surreal, subjective


  • The Sun enters Cancer at 6:07 am, symbolizing the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year.

  • Sun/Light= energy=information.

  • Potent day for ritual, kundalini yoga, energy work, being in nature. Charge your radiant body and shine your aura bright!

  • VENUS OPPOSES MARS: Just days before Mars stations retrograde, Mars stands off with his cosmic consort and pole opposite. Though a bit contentious, this is definitely a steamy aspect. Desires run high, sometimes clashing with other desires, whether within oneself or against someone else. Competitive? Sure. Romantic? Depends on your style. Passionate, Sexy, Playful.

June 22nd: Moon is Void until 3:11 pm EDT

June 23rd: 

  • Sun sextile Uranus: illumination, spontaneity, high-energy, hyperaction

  • Mercury opposite Pluto: intense conversations, deep contemplation, psychological; journal on your own to navigate the waters or spend time with those whom you can connect with deeply for intriguing, thought-provoking musings.

June 24th: Moon is void  all day after 10 am EDT

June 25th:

  • Venus square Jupiter - Pleasure, indulgence, going past the edge! Eat another slice of cake.

  • Mercury squares Eris, handing the mic over to the enraged feminine, the oppressed. Autonomy and sovereignty will be claimed!


Read ALL about it here >>> Mars Rx  <<<<

June 27th: Sun opposite Saturn

  • Put the brakes on, but maybe not on your own. Saturn halts, and demands that's it's time to strategize.

  • Bargaining with a higher authority: be it time, age, ability, cosmic law. There may be a way around it. See it you can negotiate.

  • Saturn is the limit; but not all limits are bad. Some are healthy!

June 28th: FULL MOON video >>>

June 29th: Mercury enters Leo

  • Communication and thought processes shift from the emotional influence of Cancer and into the creative, expressive world of Leo. Passion and adoration abound!

  • Moon is void all day

June 30th: Mercury square Uranus

  • Restlessness, anxiousness, eagerness. Find outlets!!


Catch you later with the second half of June...