Luminus Astrology Forecast: July 2018


This month, we'll be doing "the crab-walk"

-both sideways and backwards- as we feel out our next attack.

Cancer season heightens our intuitive and gut feelings, urging us to be guided by our primal instincts in our decision making. And Mars, the planet of direct action, retraces his steps backward, imploring us to reconsider our relationship with our passion, anger and our desire nature which drives us forward. Essentially, we may feel less confident in our work or in our relationships, so what needs to shift for our passion to be reawakened? Passion without proper outlet becomes anger and frustration. 

Take a look around. Things may not look the same by the end of August. 

cuz oh...Did I mention it's also ECLIPSE SEASON????!!!!!!

This time around, eclipse season lasts as long as the Mars retrograde. As if it weren't already enough that Mars stations retrograde on the south node (vortex) of fate. And for those of you who don't know, the nodes of fate allow the eclipses to occur. The nodes are points in space where the paths of the sun and moon collide; and when new/full moons occur there, we get eclipses. Think of this eclipse season as a giant purge to make room for more of our higher purpose to ground in. 

7/12/2018: Partial Solar Eclipse, 20⁰41' Cancer

  • exact opposition to Pluto - immense transformation, uprooting, destruction, rebirth, trauma/healing

  • Stationary Jupiter in Scorpio gets wrapped into the story

  • Grand Earth trine to help us rebuild new structures in the wake of the chaos.

  • This is a partial eclipse, so it's effects may not be as huge as the total eclipse of last summer, however, with Pluto involved, it really could be huge. Little bomb- big effect?

  • Check out my video below for more highlights!

* * *

Below is an exact image of what the

7/12/18 Solar Eclipse in Cancer

(opposite Pluto)

will look like: 


July 1st: Juno enters Taurus – level of commitment steadies. Certainty of contract established.


Chiron has only been in Aries since April 2018, so we’ve only had a small taste of this longer transit. Chiron in Aries is helping us individually and collectively heal any wounds around our individuality, sovereignty, personhood and identity. Uranus paved the way for the last 7 years in Aries: radically awakening people to their individuality and the right to BE. Chiron in Aries helps us to integrate this awakening and confront the wounds (personal and cultural) which have discouraged us from shining fully and confidently in our truth. For the next 8 years or so, we will heal any hesitations around asserting ourselves and face the truth – wholeheartedly – of who we are!

For those of you born in the 1970’s you are getting a taste of your Chiron return, which typically happens around the age of 50. Some of you will experience your return sooner than 50, but this is essentially a rite of passage that brings you into your seat of wisdom. It’s about coming to a place of radical self-acceptance and becoming a way-shower in your community.  

I’ve also made a video (below) breaking down this summer’s planetary retrogrades, but for Chiron, we really want to pay attention to what’s coming up for us around the days of the station. Pay attention to any themes pertaining to your level of confidence in who you are.

Chiron will retrograde back into Pisces, and station direct in December. 

The Moon is void all day on July 4th, so kick back and enjoy that 6-pack (abs or beer or maybe both!)

July 5th: We're feeling the fire today, and last night's fireworks may not be to blame. With the Moon in Aries alongside a Mercury/Mars opposition, we might expect feelings of impatience, combativeness, quick-triggered, anxiousness. Someone may ignite your fire - at best this could be very passionate - but it could also be your temper! Watch for misunderstandings and try to keep your cool. 

July 7th:Mercury enters his shadow***see Mercury retrograde below

July 8th: Sun trine Neptune- Your psychic antennae are perky today. Sensitive types will soak up these psychic imprints like a sponge. If you have practiced deciphering which feelings are your and which belong to others/the collective, you'll manage these Neptune transits with greater ease. Luckily, trine aspects are usually helpful! So if you so choose to be receptive to messages from your spiritual guides, this is an excellent time to pay closer attention to those synronicities and symbols.

DREAMS are HUGE offerings to our consciousness from our subconscious. This period is also ideal for flowing activities; honor your feelings and the guidance of your intuition. Creativity and spiritual practice are also supported here. 

July 9th: Venus enters Virgo // Mercury squares Jupiter

  • Venus rules our preferences, and in Virgo, she is picky! "I like that, and I do not like that."

  • Picky AND prickly. She is harder to get along with here, because it's easy to feel attacked when someone is constantly pointing out your flaws. However, Venus in Virgo may be doing so out of love. Venus in Virgo is a perfectionist who sees the potential and wants to push you toward it.

  • So while Venus is in Virgo, we all become more picky, desiring more perfection out of ourselves and in our relationships.

  • This is an excellent time to do a cleanse of any kind - cut out sugar, social media, whatever! Venus is our pleasure nature, and in Virgo, she's better at restraint"I don't want that; that's bad for me.. and bad for you too!"

  • And we may be hearing about it! Because Mercury square (stationary) Jupiter can be dogmatic. Voices will be louder, sharing opinion, knowledge or belief. This aspect can be excellent for learning, writing, or speaking - but watch the tone and the filter. Saying TOO much might be the issue.Truth bombs are gonna start flying today.



July 10th: Jupiter stations DIRECT!

  • From our geocentric POV, Jupiter will cease retrograde motion, pause, and resume forward motion through the zodiac

  • Stationing just 2 days prior to the CANCER SOLAR ECLIPSE, this planetary station gets wrapped into the eclipse messages

  • Jupiter stations in Scorpio. Jupiter's arrival in Scorpio paralleled the rise of the#Metoo movement. We can expect another wave of allegations to unleash. With the solar eclipse being in the sign of Cancer, it may involve the abuse of younger people or from within the home.

  • This could also initiate a new chapter around collective and individual healing. While Scorpio is the collective shadow, it's also where transformation takes place. Between now and the end of the year when Jupiter returns to its home sign of Sagittarius, we can ground new standards around sexuality, intimacy and appropriateness.

July 11th- 13th: GRAND EARTH TRINE, Venus, Uranus and Saturn 

  • This is the first time Venus trines Uranus from the Earth element in 21 years!

  • We want something different. But it must be purposeful.

  • This could be work, health or romantically related, but it's time to add some variety/creative inspiration for the purpose of improvement.

  • We cannot achieve something new if we keep doing to same thing over and over again. What new flavors can be added to the mix? Break the routine to discover ways to innovate and keep things fresh!

  • We want to fall in love again with the reality we've built what can we do to maintain the spark?

  • With Saturn in Capricorn, we are MANIFESTING. Excellent for manifestation rituals.

July 12th: SOLAR ECLIPSE IN CANCER (((see video at top of page)))

July 16th: Sun square Eris - We might hear from the enraged feminine once more. Call it out!! ERIS STATIONS RETROGRADE on July 20th! Between her square from the Sun on the 16th and her brother Mars approaching the south node, AND it being eclipse season.... this could be big.


July 20-22: Mars makes an exact alignment with the south node,

  • This is the second of three passes; the first alignment occurred the week that we Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade left this world. Planets conjunct the south node indicate loss or release. It's possible that this theme of suicide could repeat, although it's important that we focus on the general symbols here.

  • Mars on the south node suggests a collective release of anger, violence or aggression. Mars often deals with firearms, war or military, sometimes police.

  • For us as individuals, this has to do with our Mars retrograde story. This is a time to release old habits, patterns and desires in order to make room for new. <<<ENTER HERE>>> to learn more about how you can work with Mars.

July 22nd: Venus sextile Jupiter // Sun enters Leo

  • General positivity, optimism, abundance, resourcefulness

  • A mini period of improvement and healing from good vibes

  • Leo season is now here!Bring on the warmth, vibrancy and noise! Start the love fest by expressing your gratitude and appreciation for others' authentic selves.SAT NAM // NAMASTE! Now you shine in your brilliant light!

July 24th: Venus opposes Neptune:

  • Idealism, romanticizing/romance, even projection - "In a perfect world......."

  • The ideal situation might seem so alluring it makes you cry OR sometimes we over-dramatize an issue by "romanticizing" ourselves as a victim. This happens in fairytales too.

  • On the plus side, this is excellent for connecting with the universe, a higher power, your spirit guides or angels, your artistry,creativity, music, yoga practice, tantra or really anything than flows!

  • This will be a strong one, since Venus answers to stationary Mercury, turning retrograde tomorrow!

July 25/26th: Be Kind, Rewind! Mercury Stations Retrograde

at 24⁰ Leo, retracing back to 11⁰ Leo and moving direct again on August 19th.

More info in the video>>>

Mercury retrogrades in the house OPPOSITE of where Mars is retrograding in your chart. The houses in your chart are a part on an axis, so this axis is getting LIT UP both by these retrogrades AND the ECLIPSES! I am offering $40 mini readings to clarify this axis, so email me if you are interested! 

July 27th: LUNAR ECLIPSE 4⁰45' Aquarius

This is another doozy of an eclipse! Check out the following video for ALL the deets>>>>

  • Offers objectivity to help us make wise choices toward achieving our desires

  • Moon conjoins Mars - frustration, anger or desire compels us to make radical changes in our lives

  • Mars and Moon conjoin south node - flush and release, making room for new!

All the Love from the Galactic Center to ALL beings!

May we all awaken to our ONENESS.