Cleveland Breaks up with Two Head Coaches in 24 hours...And the Other Time that Happened

Sometimes a good Uranus transit can push people to make bold moves. In a heartbeat.


They can't take it anymore; the pressure has built, and in an instant, the decision is made. That's what happened in Cleveland this week when two head coaches were fired within 24 hours: the Browns' Hue Jackson, and for the Cavs, Tyronn Lue, whose coaching led the 2016 Championship.

As soon as I heard about this, I immediately thought of the recent Full Moon conjunct Uranus. Uranus is the planet often involved in breakups, breakdowns and breakthroughs. Uranus operates so swiftly, you don't always see it coming; it can sometimes come as a shock. Did anyone see this coming? Yes. Sort of. The Cavs have not won a game yet this season, and the Browns - well, they're the Browns. But both coaches fired within 24 hours?! Now that's a shock!

Has this ever happened before? Two coaches in one city fired within 24 hours?


Actually yes, but more on that in a moment. ..

To the right is the Taurus Full Moon chart of 10/24/2018 cast for Cleveland Ohio. The full moon is angular, which makes it a bigger deal, and Taurus rules the 5th house of sports.

Within the 5th house is Juno, asteroid governing contracts. Juno is at the final degree of the sign, which represents ENDINGS. She is retrograde, suggesting previous knowledge that the ending was near. With the Brown's impressive losing streak and Lebron leaving the Cavs, endings were somewhat expected. 

We don't need astrology to tell us that finances were the major influence in these decisions, but it shows up prominently in the chart with the full moon opposing Venus retrograde. Venus rules finances and in Scorpio, it's all about the exchange. "I pay you, you win the games; you don't win the games, you lose your job. Venus also rules relationships; opposite Uranus, this often indicates breakups. Indeed. People are parting ways in Cleveland this week. 

The one other time this happened? December 26, 2002. Atlanta Georgia. (Source: News 5 Cleveland) I immediately wondered if Uranus would be involved, and I was not disappointed. There are a lot of similarities here.


To the left is a chart of the lunar eclipse of 11/19/2002, cast for Atlanta, Georgia. The lunar eclipse occurred in the sign of TAURUS, with the Sun in the 5th house of sports. And to clarify, a lunar eclipse is a full moon on steroids. So here we have the same lunation repeating itself with similar themes. 

Eclipses are powerful agents of change whose effects can last for months after. Here, we get a double shot of change with Uranus squaring the eclipse from the 8th house - often associated with endings.

Another similarity is that VENUS IS RETROGRADE IN SCORPIO. The little "s" next to the Venus glyph indicates that she is stationary - ending retrograde motion and preparing to resume direct. Here again, Taurus is ruled by Venus in Scorpio, reiterating themes of exchange. "I pay you, you win the games; you don't win the games, you lose your job."

On December 26th, 2002 when both coaches were terminated, the Moon triggered the eclipse degree. 

In both cases of 2 coaches in one city fired within 24 hours: Taurus Full Moon/eclipse, Venus retrograde in Scorpio and a strong involvement of Uranus. Boom.

And that is why I love astrology....

All the love,