Taurus Full Moon Vibes: 10/24/2018


The Taurus Full Moon is usually a pleasant lunation, offering us a couple weeks of enjoyment. Taurus rules the senses - we admire the sights and smells of the changing leaves, the warm sun and the cool breeze, before slipping into our fuzzy slippers and enjoying some chai tea...

However with Uranus, the planet of disruptions and awakenings now in the sign of Taurus, the usual comfortable pace of Taurus is now electrified like a mechanical bull.

I heard from quite a few Taurus natives that this Full Moon was particularly disruptive and chaotic. Yes, Taurus, this is now your time to get out of your comfort zone. It's time you awaken to more of your potential and reach a little further. 

But for all of us, this Full Moon may have gifted us moments of clarity. Like lightning, a sudden burst of illumination jolts our consciousness. I know I had a couple of those! But I also felt like a live wire at times - anxious, energized and my mind racing.

With Uranus, these sensations are normal, though for some people who are already on edge, this can be the very thing that pushes them over the edge. Sadly in the news this week, we witnessed multiple acts of terrorism and violence. Lives were lost due to gun violence in synagogues and supermarkets, while suspicious packages were delivered to politicians. Uranus conjunct the full moon is capable of pushing people to extremes; the erratic flux of energy can be too much for a person who is already stressed beyond the max.

The world we live in is a new kind of stressful that the human body has never experienced before, and honestly without proper support for our nervous systems, it's a wonder we're all keeping up as well as we are. Sometimes it's reaching a breaking point that allows us a breakthrough moment. But for most of us, hopefully this full moon offers us the nudge we need to break out of a stagnant situation, speak our true or bravely pursue something.

In this video, I muse about such Fall themes of letting go, Venus retrograde, Scorpio season and healing. The Taurus Full Moon is ruled by Venus, retrograde in Scorpio at the time of the Full Moon. 

On November 1st, however, Venus retrogrades back into her home sign of Libra, where we will have an easier time making decisions objectively. Venus in Scorpio has brought a lot to the surface, and in November we will figure out what to do about it. 

But until next time!