Scorpio New Moon and the MidTerm Elections 2018


NEW MOON + Jupiter in Scorpio's farewell...

We have been working heavily with the themes of or Scorpio over the last year, drudging up “unpleasantries” and subjects normally difficult to confront for the sake of healing.

Jupiter is in the final minutes of Scorpio, preparing to say "farewell" before returning home to Sagittarius. Just over one year ago, when Jupiter entered Scorpio, the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke and ignited a much needed dialogue about sexual appropriateness, misuse of power and predatory behavior. Pluto, the modern ruler of Scorpio is the lord of the underworld - abducted Persephone and drugged her with Pomegranate seeds.

This New Moon is like a final bow-out with the type of cliffhanger ending that leaves you deeply avowed to avenge misdeeds in the world...

There are *several* planets and points in the new moon chart at the final degree of a sign, suggesting an urgency. A planet at the final degree is like a rallying sprint to the finish line, or trying to meet a deadline or get out the door in time so you don’t miss the bus. It’s the adrenaline rush when you’re tired but cant give up...

As the midterm results pour in, we see that there are victories on either side. As Jupiter leaves Scorpio, we must stand in awe of all that we have accomplished and yet, witness the horror and ugliness that has also emerged in this country over the last few years. Yes, seats were flipped, but there are States that elected openly white supremacists: we still have so much work to do. 

Scorpio is a sign of persistence. Determination to keep up. An innate biological function of evolution to survive. And a knowing that death is part of the cycle. The womb sheds before new life can take root...


The Scorpio new moon is ruled by Mars in Aquarius - representing the democratic efforts to collectively strive toward a shared goal, or to selflessly serve the collective without asking for personal glory. Mars tightly conjoins dark goddess Lilith.

Lilith’s archetype varies on who you ask. But it’s my opinion that she has been grossly mislabeled. She is the antithesis of Patriarchy. She is a woman who prioritizes her pleasure, she is autonomous and she is wise. She has knowledge of herbalism, sacred sex magick and is primal AF. Her rising popularity parallels the women reclaiming themselves.

Black women influenced the most progressive of change in the polling booths yesterday. Women of color are RISING and it is so beautiful to see our WOC sisters more empowered spiritually and politically than ever. In a world where black mothers are most at risk of *dying* during childbirth, have the lowest life expectancy and are the most discriminated against - and these women are flipping the vote! Change IS happening. (Love, respect and gratitude.)

Like Persephone entering the underworld to find her power and emerge as Queen, we too can gather power from these dark times to RISE. 

A piece of Jupiter’s final message from Scorpio: Look at all we’ve done, but don’t give up because there’s still so much more work to do...until the next time Jupiter returns to Scorpio in 11 years. 


It's a BIG week in Astrology. AND in the United States amidst the Mid-term Elections! Here is an overview of the week and a peek into the remainder of the month

  • November 6th, the Mid-term elections, Uranus re-enters Aries

  • November 7th, the Lunar nodes change signs + New Moon

  • November 8th, Jupiter enters Sagittarius

In this Together,